Operation 101

Gilbert AZ Operation 101 House

Located in Gilbert AZ, this home is undergoing a major renovation. STATS: Built in 2004, this home is located in the Arbors at Power Ranch. 3br/2.5ba, 1730sf BELOW: The inspiration for this home is is bright and modern: BELOW: I know it doesn't look like much now, but we are working hard on making this home beautiful for our Home Program 101 members. This home will feature a thorough scrub down...

Operation 101

What is Operation 101?  Starting in Phoenix, the goal is to bring a little style back to American homes and put hard working Americans in them. Homes in cookie cutter neighborhoods all have the same floorplans peppered throughout, even peppered throughout the city looking monotonous and drab. Many buyers, when they purchased their homes from the builders never had the money to "pimp" out their house...

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