Add Your Service to the Network

To optimize the Home Program 101 Network, build out your profile. Make sure you include in the description box the programs/services you provide for the following: 

  1. Buyer Programs (teachers, heroes, healthcare workers etc…)
  2. Seller Programs – (teachers, heroes, healthcare workers etc…)
  3. Foreclosure Programs – Short Sales, Cash Offer services etc…

Also, the ‘Listing Name’ is the title of your profile. It’s best make your name, or your team name. Example Jane Doe, Phoenix Specialist.

See Sample Profile:

There are some extras in this Sample Profile like like a lead capture form, (which was built in Jotform, get a free account) & an IDX shortcode to display listings and receive IDX leads straight to your inbox. (Sorry, idx isn’t free unfortunately because we use a 3rd party premium service. $15/mo for ARMLS members. Other states, message us for pricing).

You can message us on the Messenger pop up if you have questions about the extras.

Let’s get started!


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