Free Member VS Verified Member

 FREE vs Verified Members

VERIFIED PERK: Your Home Program 101 profile will link to the main map so buyers can find you easily.

Free members are added to the main directory.

Verified Members are added to the main map above the directory. Only 1 agent per city/town on the Map.

(other similar services like ‘Homes for Heroes’ will take a portion of your commission at closing to be added to their directory, we do not!)

VERIFIED PERK: Your buyer lead capture form will be directly routed to your email and/or CRM

Free members get the automated stock form which is connected to the main Home Program 101 database first, then leads get routed to agents/lenders in that city. Free members are allowed to remove the form from their profile and add any information in that section.

Verified Members get instant lead notification via email, and if their CRM has a lead routing email capability, it can be instantly routed there as well.

(Again, these are your leads, we don’t take a commission cut!)

VERIFIED PERK: You will receive Seller Leads

Free members have access to the Relocation Network. It’s a forum where relocation sellers & buyers can go to ask questions. Free members can message with leads in the forum.

Verified Members get 2 more opportunities to connect with sellers. They will have access to the seller leads that fill out the lead capture forms for the cash buyer & pre-qualified buyer networks.

(similar seller lead capture tools cost $49 to $129 a month! Becoming verified is a low once a year fee)

VERIFIED PERK: You will get Co-Op Marketing Opportunities

Free Members can market their user profiles. They can share them on social media, email to their database etc.. User profiles are designed to be a lead capture tool for free members.

Verified Members will be offered affordable marketing co-op opportunities. When we are running a promo in your area you’ll have the opportunity to boost our marketing efforts by contributing anywhere from $25 to $400 to a campaign. You can name your price (minimum of $25) and you’ll see some leads hit your inbox!

(Try getting ZTR to contribute to running an ad with their marketing dollars on your behalf!)

Example: Facebook Ad


Verified Member Cost is only $79 per year for 1 city

$25/year per additional city

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