Phoenix Down Payment Assistance: Home Plus

phoenix down payment assistance

Phoenix Down Payment Assistance: Home Plus Program

To obtain a program qualifying mortgage and register you for HOME PLUS assistance you need to work with an approved participating lender.


  1. HOME Plus is available in every Arizona County, City, Zip.
  2. No taxpayer dollars are used to fund this program.
  3. Program is continually funded without a sunset date.
  4. Streamlined process = no added delays for the buyer or seller.

Phoenix down payment assistance through HOME Plus program is a true public / private sector partnership. We raise funds in the national capital markets and form partnerships with lending institutions to deliver the HOME Plus program throughout the State. No taxpayer funds are used for the HOME Plus program. The HOME Plus program is administered by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority (AzIDA), a nonprofit corporation and political subdivision of the State of Arizona, formed by the Arizona Finance Authority.

phoenix down payment assistance

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